The Phigolf 2 Golf Simulator is one of our top picks of 2023. Amazon

After a terrific 2023 golfing season, we're going all in on our game this Black Friday. That means going back to basics and focusing on core strength and mobility and getting a better handle on our swing.

Right now, we're stocking up on the best training tools to improve our game, much of it at best-of-the-year prices. Best part, we'll be able to play when warmer temperatures prevail thanks to our newly purchased golf simulator. Get yours, too.

The best golf simulators 

Rain or shine or snow, play at all hours of the day or night (sorry, family) with these top golf simulators at Amazon, Walmart and more.

Best selling golf simulator on Amazon: Phigolf2 Golf Simulator 


This Amazon top seller comes with an ultra-realistic simulator featuring a smart sensor that makes on feel as if they've really struck a ball. Rated 4.0 stars on Amazon, Philgolf 2 Simulator's pre-set courses are a selling point as is this device's easy of setup.

Normally priced at $300, the Phigolf 2 Golf Simulator is now $209 at Amazon as a Black Friday deal.

Top features of Phigolf 2 Simulator:

  • Features 76 courses and 3D data analysis to help you understand how you play and how to improve
  • Online networking connects you with other players worldwide
  • Easy setup takes the hassle out of getting started
$209 at Amazon

Walmart golf simulator deal: OptiShot2 Swingpad Golf Simulator


OptiShot 2 offers users a chance to virtually golf on the world's best courses with pre-loaded driving range and course options from which to choose, with 46 additional courses available for purchase. Rated 4.1 stars.

Note that this simulator runs on Windows 8, 10 or 11. It is not compatible with MacOS.

Normally $450, you can get the OptiShot 2 Swingpad Golf Simulator on sale for $375 at Walmart now.

Top features of OptiShot 2:

  • Swing and club analysis offers instantaneous feedback on every shot
  • You can compete against other OptiShot players from around the world
  • Join closest-to-the-pin tournaments every week with the purchase of a season pass ($48 and up)
$350 at Walmart

If you're looking to level up your golf simulator experience, try OptiShot Golf Golf In a Box 4, which comes with a OptiShot Pro Bay (9'H x 12'L x 5'D ), projector, mount, as well as a hitting mat specifically designed to fit this simulator and set up.

OptiShot Golf Golf In a Box 4, $5,000

$5,000 at Walmart

Best golf launch monitors of 2023

Golf launch monitors are one of the most high-tech ways to train and improve your golf game. Unlike the simulators above, you take a launch monitor with you on the course to get real-time tips on your swing and performance.

Our pick: Rapsodo Mobile Golf Launch Monitor


Rapsodo's launch monitor (6.85 x 7.72 x 2.28 inches), a favorite of Amazon shoppers and CBS Sports readers alike, is pocket-sized and pairs with a mobile device for immediate swing replay. It's currently on sale for Black Friday for $295, reduced from $500.

Top features of Rapsodo Launch Monitor:

  • Uses primary doppler radar technology combined with mobile device
  • Personalized metrics and session highlights
  • Evaluates 24 shots, two approach targets, and Driver swings to analyze your game in under 20 minutes.
  • Analyzes nine core metrics: Swing, carry, spin, total, ball speed, launch direction, club speed, launch direction, launch apex, launch angle and smash factor
  • Compatible on with iOS—iPhone or iPad required

Why we like it: We like that this launch monitor fits in your pockets, pairs with an iPhone, offers many metrics generally saved for more expensive devices and the price (especially Amazon's sale price) can't be beat.

$295 at Amazon

Shop the best golf trainers 2023

Use a golf trainer to work on your swing, core strength and mobility.

GolfForever Swing Trainer by Scottie Scheffler


This all-in-one golf swing trainer kit focuses on a safe approach to improving a golf swing that focuses on core strength and mobility. We were impressed by its 4.6-star review, even more impressed by the buyer who called this durable and lightweight product "life changing." Created by world number one Scottie Scheffler, this golf trainer is endorsed by golf's best (literally).

 Top features of Golf Forever Swing Trainer:

  • Includes 30-day training video access
  • Designed to improve the three keys to gain distance and consistency: mobility, balance and speed
  • Training bar is 44 inches
$200 at Amazon

Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer


The Orange Whip Trainer  (43.5" L) is a mid-size golf training aid is a terrific warm-up tool or golf aid. It's designed to help improve your swing, as well as your range of motion.

Top features of Orange Whip Trainer:

  • The counterbalanced shaft swing system provides feedback to increase flexibility and train coordination
  • Helps train core strength and range of motion
  • It helps coordinate your upper and lower body for a more consistent swing

Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer, $120

$120 at Amazon

Shop more top-rated golf trainers at Walmart

What's the difference between a golf simulator and a launch monitor?

While a golf simulator and launch monitor share similarities, the two are actually very different. 

A golf simulator, like this Amazon top seller from Phigolf, is an entire system designed to replicate playing on a real course. Golf simulators usually include a large projection screen, which displays a virtual course and range. Simulators use sensors and cameras to track the trajectory of the golf ball as well as your swing and generally offer a library of courses on which users can virtually play. You use your own golf clubs, generally connected to the simulator using a Bluetooth adaptor. You can even connect to play with other users playing from different locations.

A launch monitor uses Doppler radar or camera-based tech to track a ball's flight or movement when in play. Launch monitors, which are either app-based or a small mobile device, are used on the golf course, offering analytics and metrics on the user's swing.

While we're talking, a golf trainer is a high-quality swing aid that offers feedback and analytics on how the user swings, and how to improve.

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